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Pet Teeth Cleaning With No Sedation

The more we learn about our hairy friends basic needs, the more we know that responsible pet ownership means more than just providing food, water and shelter.

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Pet owners know that their four-legged best friends have teeth, but usually do little to nothing to keep them healthy, maintaining the false opinion that pets have their own ability to keep their teeth clean. The mouth is the entrance point of food into the body. It is important to keep your pet's teeth and gums clean and strong. Pet's mouths are no different than our own.

Examining the teeth monthly is helpful. Most dogs and cats are happy to let their owners peek inside the mouth to look at the teeth. Simply raise the lip and look at the teeth and gums, pulling the lip back with your fingers to check the back molars. Note any areas of inflammation (redness) swelling, or broken teeth, and note any brown build-up near the gums. Cats are especially prone to painful cavities which occur at the gum line. Finally, if you are brave, take a whiff of your pet’s breath. If it smells horrible, a teeth cleaning or trip to your vet is in order.Heather's Oral Care

Home dental preventative care is the best gift you can give your pet. If daily brushing is not performed, plaque will form at the area where the gum meets the tooth. In time, plaque will attract calcium salts and calculus will form. The plaque and calculus irritates the gum tissue leading to gingivitis and peritonitis. Gingivitis, if treated early, can be cured. Peritonitis can only be controlled, not cured. Daily brushing is the key to dental home care.

Taking an active role in your pet’s oral care will help reduce dental disease, bad breath and potentially life threatening heart and kidney disease. Your pet's benefit is less pain and higher quality of life. Your benefit is lower health costs for the life of your pet. Everyone wins.